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Stencil Factor

Special Marks on the end of each filename to indicate if the design is a silhouette, stencil, or other 1 piece design or not. Pictures below assume grey represents final material.

_ Underscore means the design is a pure silhouette with no holes. It has one cut around the periphery and can be cut either into or out of one solid piece of material.

= Equal Sign means the design is like a silhouette but it has interior holes. The design can be cut out to form one solid piece but it cannot be cut into one solid piece of material. Any thin details are annular (a narrow closed path that loops back to the start point).

~ Tilde Sign means the design is a copy of the above form, except some thin details are converted to centerlines (cut starts at one end and stops at other end) Enables plasma to cut the same design smaller. Not normally compatible with vinyl cutters, but with low knife pressure such lines can be scribed in the vinyl without cutting through, which can make it possible to vinyl cut at extremely small scale.

# Pound Sign or ! Exclaimation preceeding either above symbol means there are multiple disconnected primary objects in the scene where some sort of connection is required to produce a one-piece design. Such as two animals or two people that are not connected.

+Plus Sign or -Minus Sign means the design has multiple solid but disconnected elements. The design can be cut into one solid piece of material but it cannot be cut out as one solid piece.

If the filename does not end with any of the designated stencil factor marks, then it is a nested design, which is not normally compatible with jet cutting (plasma, laser, waterjet), but it works for vinyl cutting, engraving, routing and processes that have backing material or that do not cut all the way through.

Most SignTorch designs do have stencil factor marks to be geometrically compatible with jet cutting applications (plasma friendly), which means they are generally compatible with all cutting applications, unless clearly noted, such as how metal art is obviously intended for metal cutting and not for vinyl cutting.

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