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Special Discounts

instant discounts

In addition to Instant Discounts, we also have special discounts for certain groups.

Schools please see Payment Options - Purchase Order, your special discount is activated when your purchase order payment method is enabled.

OEMs Original equipment manufacturers may qualify for a big discount for including SignTorch CDs with new CNC equipment.

Non-Profits are entitled to a special discount.

Military / Service Personnel we support veterans, policemen, firefighters, EMTs, first responders, rescue workers, volunteers, and all who serve to protect, defend, rescue or help others, and all that...

Store reward points rate is double for special discount groups.

Applicable special discounts are not visible while shopping.

Item prices do not reflect any discounts while shopping, you must visit the cart or checkout to see actual discounted totals.

Just contact us to apply for special discounts, once approved your special discount will be permanently enabled on your SignTorch online store account.

Special discounts apply in addition to instant discounts.

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