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Reward Points

reward points

The more you buy, the more you save!

Reward points are a discount mechanism where you get a percentage of the order total back in points which can be used toward future purchases.

The basic Reward Point rate is 5% of cart total in US dollars after discounts and before shipping is applied.

The rate is double for schools, military, first-responders, non-profits, and other special discount groups.

There are no minimum requirements to qualify and all purchases qualify, except as noted below.

Some products may be excluded, such as hard goods (books and CDs), in which case the reward point rate will not apply to the entire order total.

See terms and conditions regarding definitions, limits, exclusions, restrictions and policies.

At this time, when an order is paid, the earned points remain pending until the order status advances from processing to complete, which currently is not instantaneous - please allow up to a few days for earned points to become available for use -
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