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Purchase Order

We typically only take purchase orders from schools.

The associated store account must reflect a school address and the contact information of a school representative authorized to issue purchase orders.

In order to use the purchase order payment method, please complete these steps

  • sign up and be signed in
  • click on contact us
  • ask that purchase order payment method be enabled
  • wait for that to happen

If all qualifications are met, we will enable the purchase order payment method on your account asap.

If you require any vendor paperwork to be filled out, you must mail that to us, and get that out of the way, before placing any orders using the purchase order payment method.

The school address and contact information will be verified.

Each purchase order will be independently verified with written correspondence by way of email to the school representative, whose affirmative email reply shall constitute an electronic signature indicating that the order and purchase order number is valid and shall be paid for upon delivery.

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