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Cattle Drive

Cattle Drive by R.A. Guthrie.

Custom Vector Graphics by SignTorch

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Custom conversion of a scene by the legendary plasma artist R.A. Guthrie.

I was commissioned to vectorize this amazing work by RA Guthrie for the purpose of plasma cutting a very large gate. It was licensed for one-time usage, and the source artwork came from RAG himself.

Mr. Guthrie also created Ghost Riders - it should be exclusive to Guthrie Galleries.

Ghost Riders

click on the link above to see some more very amazing work by RA Guthrie.

Cattle Drive by R.A. Guthrie. Vector Graphics DXF Clip Art for CNC Vector Art for sign making, engraving, vinyl-cutting plotter vector clip art and DXF for CNC
Custom Art - for reference only

NOT FOR SALE - for demonstration only.

Please visit my help forum to discuss custom art. is not equipped to provide custom vector art services.

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