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Extra CD

Extra CD


You can order a new or additional CD for any previously ordered vector art collection.

Add a note to the order to specify which CD you are ordering.

To order more than one CD for more than one collection, set the quantity accordingly. Price is per CD.

If your account order history does not reflect a previous purchase of the collection for which a CD is being ordered, then please add a note to the order to clarify product ownership for the collection in question.

If you are not eligible to order the designated new or replacement CD, the order will be refunded and cancelled.

This is only for customers to obtain new or replacement CDs for vector art collections they currently own.

This is only for "Vector Art Collections" which include a CD option in the product description.

If you do not add a note to specify which CD for which collection you want, or if product ownership is not apparent, the order processing will be delayed pending further correspondence and clarification.

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