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Cut Ready

Cut Ready means Ready To Cut

But, that means different things to different people.

It does not mean every design is pre-scaled to a perfect size for every machine, tool and material combination.

It definitely cannot mean that tool diameter (kerf) compensation is pre-applied, as that depends on the characteristics of the tool being used.

And, the vector image is just clip art, it is just a 2D shape, and it takes a lot more than the clip art and a cutting machine to actually cut the shape.

Ready To Cut means the design is ready and can be cut on any machine capable of making the cut without alteration except for scaling.

Ready To Cut means the design is 99.99% perfectly smooth, connected, unfragmented, and geometrically error free.

It does not mean the design is ideal for all or any certain cutting platforms.

The problem is: it still has to be run through some sort of cutting software to apply any necessary tool (kerf) compensation, lead-ins and lead-outs, setting cutting order and direction, relocating pierce points, etc., etc., etc.

The problem is: it may or may not be ready to cut when it comes out the other end of that cutting software.

And if the machine or material is not the same as the cutting software was set for.

And if the design is not scaled to an appropriate size for the target machine and material.

And if tool diameter (kerf) compensation is not properly applied.

And if the path is modified to no longer be continuous or not travel in the right direction for the target tool type and material.

And if an incorrect cut speed or tool height or cut depth is used.

And if incorrect pressure is used with tools that use air or water or gas to cut.

And if the machine is unable to move at the right speed with sufficient acceleration and stability to cut every part of every curve as smooth as it was drawn.

And if the tool and material and machine combination being used does not perform flawlessly or has any defects.

Or if the operator lacks sufficient expertise to make all the right decisions to coordinate all of the above.

Or if the tool is dull or worn out or not installed right.

Or if any number of infinite other potential problems or failures occur.

Then the operator, machine, and or material is not ready to cut.

And it won't matter what ready-to-cut means, or whether the clip art was ready to cut.

It simply won't cut right if the cutting is not done right.

Failure is inevitable if you depend on a drawing to control the machine without regard for scale, tool compensation, cut direction, and differences in computers, software, machines, tools, materials, settings, and so forth...

My definition is that it is ready to cut because I have done everything possible to obtain, smooth, connected, non-intersecting vector cut paths that can be scaled to any size and will cut right if the cutting is done right.

It is relatively easy for me to achieve that, it is relatively difficult to operate a CNC machine to cut detailed artwork with the same level of precision and certainty and correctness.

If you are ready to cut, then SignTorch Vector Graphics are ready to cut. Notwithstanding the foregoing and the following:

SignTorch vector graphics are not drawn to scale for any specific machine, tool and material combination.

SignTorch vector graphics must be scaled to an appropriate size for the machine, tool, and material being used.

SignTorch vector graphics do not have any tool (kerf) compensation applied.

Machine tools typically require precise tool (kerf) compensation, and accurate speed and direction settings in order to cut right.

SignTorch vector graphics cannot convey correct machine settings or compensate for incorrect settings.

CNC machines require extensive tuning and calibration for different tools and materials.

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