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Clock Face 001    Vector Graphics DXF Clip Art for CNC

this is a low resolution raster preview image, the actual vectors are infinitely better looking, please see the free samples with deep zoom to see how incredibly smooth and clean SignTorch vector art really is.
Clock Face 001
Clock Face 001 Designs SignTorch 2011 Series Vector Art Vinyl Cutter Plotter Vector Graphics CNC Plasma Cutter DXF Art Vector Graphics DXF Clip Art for CNC cutting
in collection : 2011 Series
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Reward Points: 30
Stencil Factor: n/a ?
design may or may not be plasma friendly
  vector art downloads include 5 vector formats and multiple files all compressed in one ZIP file

works for metal and vinyl cutters, cnc plasma cutter, cnc wood router, laser, engraver, and everything in between.

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